Indian politician asks his government to ban Nigerians from entering India, says Nigerians cause problems everywhere

A former Minister in India, Ravi Naik, has asked the Indian Central government to "ban" Nigerians from entering India, saying hi...
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Niger Delta Avengers slam rival militant group MEND, says their days are over

Niger Delta Avengers have released a statement on their website, slamming members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta,...
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Man murders the mother of his 3 children after he went on twitter to say he would do it, then confesses on instagram after killing her

This is one of those bizarre stories that proves that truth is worse than fiction. So in February, 23 year old mother of three Lakeisha Le...
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Amber Rose seen getting cozy with Wiz Khalifa after breaking up with her BF of one minute, Terrence Ross

Last week Amber Rose was in a relationship with 25 year, NBA player, old Terrence Ross...well that was last week. As of last night, Amber...
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